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Pet Insurance

We know pet healthcare can be costly and no owner should have to worry about their animal suffering or going without treatment due to financial constraints.  

That's why at Homeward Bound we highly recommend investing in a health insurance policy for your furry friends. 


Healthy Paws

Phone: (855) 898-8991

  • All accidents and injuries are covered

  • No restrictions on hereditary or congenital conditions

  • Unlimited lifetime benefits with no claim limits

  • Alternative therapies included 

  • Speedy claim payouts, online and mobile claims

  • Each online quote provides a donation for medical expenses for shelter animals

  • Choice of annual deductible amount ($100, $250, $500)

  • Choice of reimbursement amount (70%, 80%, 90%)

  • Plan coverage includes: chronic conditions, cancer, diagnostics, X-rays, bloodwork, ultrasounds, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medications, and emergency and speciality care 



Phone: (800) 511-9172

  • Personalized billing

  • Client chooses annual maximum coverage amount

  • Annual deductible and reimbursement amount 

  • Wellness plan available 

    • Three pricing options ($250/year, $18/month), ($450/year, $32.50/month), ($650/year, $46.95/month)​

    • Includes wellness exams, vaccines & titers, flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, spay/neuter, fecal tests, routine blood tests, microchipping, behavioral training, nail trims, anal glands, alternative care, preventative dental cleaning, prescription diets, nutritional supplements, cremation/burial fees and more

  • Offers an accident-only plan for animals with pre-existing conditions with the option of additional wellness rewards package

  • Discount options include: spay/neuter discount, multi-pet discount, annual pay discount and military discount 

  • Includes breed specific conditions, cancer treatments, diagnostic testing and imaging, surgery, hospitalization and nursing care, alternative therapies and rehabilitation, emergency and specialist care, prescription drug coverage 



Phone: (855) 210-8749

  • One complete-coverage plan

  • Provides 90% coverage for treatment of injuries and illness

  • No financial limits

  • Coverage includes approved surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, hospital stays, prescription pet food and dietary supplements

  • Premium prices vary by pet's age, breed, gender, location and weather or not it has been sprayed/neutered 

  • Optional deductible ($0-$1000)



Phone: (877) 738-2747

  • One complete-coverage plan

  • Wellness add-on plan

    • includes exam, spay/neuter costs, microchipping, dental cleaning, bloodwork, heartworm testing, fecal tests, urinalysis, vaccines, flea/tick and heartworm prevention​

  • Offers an accident-only plan for individuals on a tight budget

  • Best benefit accident and illness plan coverage 

    • includes injuries, illness, surgery, hereditary and congenital conditions, prescription medications, cancer treatments, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation​

  • Plans starting at $19/month

  • Includes exam fees, chronic conditions, senior pet coverage, hunting or service accidents, behavioral conditions, pregnancy, euthanasia and cremation, prosthetics/wheelchairs, pre-anesthetic tests, coverage while traveling and full coverage even if not spayed or neutered 


VPI (Nationwide)

Phone: (877) 263-6008

  • One complete-care plan (Whole Pet with Wellness)

    • includes two exams per year, behavioral exam and/or treatment, vaccines/titers, heartworm or FIV/feline leukemia test, fecal, deworming, nail trim, microchip, health certificate, flea or heartworm prevention, one additional diagnostic test (bloodwork, x-ray, EKG, etc.)

  • Also available are two a la carte plans (Major Medical, Pet Wellness)​​

  • Pick reimbursement type (percentage of invoice or benefit schedule)

  • offers bird and exotic animal insurance polices 



Phone: (866) 467-3875

  • Three plans to choose from

    • Bronze ($10,000 limit)​

    • Silver ($14,000 limit)

      • Covers loss due to theft or straying, advertising and reward costs and boarding kennel fees​

    • Gold ($22,000 limit)

      • Covers​ death from illness or injury and vacation cancellation fees 

  • Choose billing cycle (monthly, quarterly or annual

  • Three deductibles to choose from ($200, $100, $50)

  • Choose reimbursement amount (80%, 90%, 100%) 

  • Monthly premiums vary by customization plan, breed, age, and location

  • Cover accidents and injuries, illnesses, exam fees, imaging, diagnostic treatment, prescription medications, cancer treatment, (non-routine) dental treatment, rehabilitation, alternative therapies, referral and specialist treatment, behavioral therapies

  • 5% online discount

  • Partnered with AARP



Phone: (888) 716-1203

  • Three plans to choose from

    • Level 1 (injuries)

    • Level 2 (injuries $ illness)

    • Level 3 (injuries, illness, & advanced care)

  • Flexible deductibles ($100, $250, $500)

  • Custom reimbursements (70%, 80%, 90%)

  • Additional wellness plans available 

    • Two wellness plans to choose from​

      • Routine Wellness ($10)​

        • Covers exam fees, spay/neuter cost, routine bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal tests, microchipping and core vaccines or titers​

      • Advanced Wellness ($25)

        • Covers everything Routine Wellness covers as well as non-core vaccines or titers, dental cleanings, and flea and heartworm preventatives ​

  • Multiple pet discounts (10% off base price per each additional pet) 



Phone: (844) 738-3446

  • Three plans to choose from

    • Essential ($10,000)

      • Exam cost, emergency and hospitalization, surgeries, prescription medications, cancer treatment, specialist treatment, chronic conditions, imaging, diagnostic testing, knee conditions, hip dysplasia, rehabilitation, hereditary/congenital conditions, non-routine dental, holistic and alternative therapies, behavioral problems, prosthetic and orthotic devices, and euthanasia ​

    • Preferred ($14,000)

      • Includes everything that the Essential plan includes as well as emergency boarding fees, lost pet advertising and reward, lost pet due to theft or straying​

    • Ultimate (unlimited) 

      • Includes everything that the ​Essential and Preferred plans cover as well as emergency vacation cancellation and unexpected death of pet coverage

  • Annual deductible

  • Choose reimbursements (70%, 80%, 90%, 100%)

  • Offers "Pet Cloud"

    • A personalized online account that keeps track of invoices, vaccine reminders and pet medical records ​

  • Copayment and deductible waived for lifesaving emergency treatment 



Phone: (866) 725-2747

  • Two plans to choose from

    • Companion select plan (accident only coverage)​

      • Covers accidents, lab tests, imaging, surgeries, hospitalization, ​prescription medications, extractions of permanent teeth and euthanasia

    • Companion plus plan (accident and illness coverage)

      • Includes everything companion select plan covers in addition to illness and cancer coverage ​

  • Add-on wellness plan available 

    • Includes ​vaccines, routine testing, heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, dental cleanings, spay/neuter and microchipping 

  • Monthly or annual payment options 



Phone: (855) 270-7387

  • Three lifetime plans to choose from ($5,000; $10,000; $20,000)

    • all plans cover accidents and illness, hereditary and congenital conditions, cruciate ligaments, periodontal disease, hip dysplasia and cancer​

  • Three reimbursement options (70%, 80%, 90%)

  • Four per-incident deductible options ($50, $100, $250, $500)

  • Three add-on wellness plans available ($125, $250, $400)

    • Routine care plans include annual exams, vaccines, dental cleaning, microchipping, heartworm and flea/tick prevention, spay/neuter costs, and behavioral training ​

  • Family plans for multi-pet households 



Phone: (866) 597-2424 

  • Four plans to choose from

    • Each with $100/year deductible and 20% copayment​

    • Choose from $3,000/year, $5,000/year, $10,000/year, and $20,000/year

    • All plans include unlimited number of accidents and illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, therapeutic diets, alternative treatments, prescription medications, diagnostic testing, ambulance and paramedical treatment 

  • Additional benefits (with per incident fee, not eligible for co-pay and deductible): boarding and kennel fees, trip cancellations, lost pet recovery costs, additional living expenses, euthanasia and cremation, accidental death coverage 



Phone: (800) 935-7280 

  • Three plan levels to choose from

    • Level 1 (accidents only; $2,500 limit)​

    • Level 2 (accidents/illness; $3,000 limit)

    • Level 3 (accidents/illness; $5,000 limit)

      • Also covers hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies and behavioral treatment  ​

  • Choice of deductible and reimbursement percentage

  • Optional wellness plans available

    • Routine ($120/year [$10/month], up to $200/year reimbursement)

    • Advanced ($300/year [$25/month], up to $400/year reimbursement)

    • Coverage includes wellness exam, heartworm or feline leukemia test, fecal test, vaccines, microchip or urinalysis, spay/neuter costs or wellness blood screen, dental cleaning, and flea and heartworm prevention 

  • Offers Pet Liability insurance in the event of the pet causing harm to an individual or property 

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