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Dental Care

Our goal at Homeward Bound Veterinary Service is to increase the knowledge to pet owners about the importance of   maintaining proper oral health to their pets.  It is estimated that 85% of dogs and cats show signs or oral disease by the time they reach the age of 4.  The signs of periodontal disease can include bad breath, red gums, tartar buildup and on going pain and discomfort to your pet.  Consequently, if left untreated, dental disease and infection will progress to more serious conditions affecting major organs such as the kidneys and heart.  Therefore, we recommend routine dental examinations and professional cleaning(s)/polishing(s) and possible tooth extraction(s) if needed.

Dentals are performed under general anesthesia and your pet is closely monitored by our veterinary technicians.  The doctor will examine all of the teeth and if necessary radiograph your pet's mouth to determine the extent of dental disease.  The teeth will be cleaned and polished with our state of the art ultrasonic scaler and in more severe cases tooth extractions may be advised to completely remedy any oral infection and pain.





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